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The Sonic Study Series

Thursday, 6 February, 2020 - 18:00 to 20:00
The Atrium (G10) Alison House, Reid School of Music

Lisa Busby is a Scottish composer, vocalist, and improviser based in London. Situated across experimental music, performance art, and pop song, her practice often utilises the found and the prosaic, and manifests in various entangled modes – long-duration and site-specific work, video, non-standard scoring/notation, “anti-production” techniques for electronic music, and live improvisation for sound/body. Instrumentally she works with voice, turntables, hardware and software electronics, and electric guitar.


Currently, Lisa is one of the Sound and Music New Voices 2019 [UK] and is participating in the Social Acoustics Research Project at the University of Bergen [Norway]. She performs and composes with bands The Nomadic Female DJ Troupe and Rutger Hauser; is part of The Lumen Lake music collective and record label; and is a member of the art / education /politics group Common Study based at Somerset House Studios.


Lisa’s work has explored the possibilities of intervention into existing sonic and textual materials; of temporal dislocation and relocation; of slowness, remaining, and sadness.


In her performance for The Sonic Study Series, she’ll present moments from recent works, as a series of connected moving parts - teasing out, and deliberately entangling, resonating threads and themes; using the body, the voice and sound in visceral and immediate ways.


The Sonic Study Series brings interdisciplinary scholars, students and the general public together to share current research on sound and listening. Sound, vocal acts and listening are of vital importance in today’s political climate when the use of language (e.g.hate speech), affect and atmosphere require urgent attention. This series aims to address issues of care, community and companionship at a time of crisis. 

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