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Mission: Impossible - Designing the ideal lecture

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Mission: Impossible - Designing the ideal lecture

Friday, 15 February, 2019 - 14:00 to 16:00
David Hume Tower LG.07 - Teaching Studio Central Area

If you are booking this event through the University Booking System, you will require a University EASE account to book. If the event is available to an external audience, you can email with the event details, and request to be booked onto the event.

This event is available to: University Alumni, University Staff, University Students.

How would you design a lecture that would achieve 100% student attendance? How would you make it unmissable? What for you are the 'crucial sparks' of lectures you love? We are looking for teams to design what they think is the ideal lecture. Student and staff teams from any part of the University are invited to this event where they will brainstorm ideas and present a vision for their ideal lecture. There will be lots of prizes including best overall team idea and best lecture activity.

Teams of students, and teams of students and staff are welcome to book a place together (teams of up to 6 people). If you don't have a team ready, book a place, come along and we'll make up some teams on the day.

Tea/coffee and cake will be served on arrival.

There are 18 places available