Welcome to the Festival of Creative Learning, a year-long series of events exploring creative learning and innovation at the University of Edinburgh, culminating in a curated week of events each February. Please explore our website and blog to learn about the Festival and our activities and resources.


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Cabaret of Dangerous Ideas

Tue 30th Apr 19

Sofi's Southside, 42-44 Buccleuch Street, Edinburgh, EH8 9LP

TWO fantastic Cabaret of Dangerous Ideas shows in one evening!

Daphne Loads - Stop Making Sense! Do you always approach life logically, making careful decisions based on sound evidence and facts? Health...

Staying Afloat: Anxiety and the Winding Way to Peace of Mind

Wed 22nd May 19

Levels Cafe, 9C Holyrood Road Moray House

Anxiety is such a pervasive human condition that we sometimes take its presence for granted unless it interferes with our daily lives, which for many of us can be an...

Slow science and speed dreaming 3: collaborative utopia in a mobile tiny house shepherds hut

Thu 30th May 19

Moray House Quad (next to Thomson's and Paterson's Land) Holyrood

Imagine that a tiny house becomes your classroom. How would you learn differently if your lecture was relocated into a mobile shepherd's hut? Discover the concrete utopia of a civic...

Reading the Newspaper like a Mathematician

Monday, 15 April, 2019 - 16:03

FCL 2019 Imogen I. Morris “It’s time to let the secret out: Mathematics is not primarily a matter of plugging numbers into formulas and performing rote computations. It is a way of thinking and questioning that may be unfamiliar to many of us, but is available to almost all of us.” From ‘A Mathematician Reads …

Looking Back at The Dissection of Medical Dramas

Tuesday, 9 April, 2019 - 09:24

The Dissection of Medical Dramas was a fun and interactive workshop that used role-play and popular television medical dramas, such as Grey’s Anatomy, Chicago MED and Scrubs to identify and discuss ethical issues that arise in the medical context. It aimed to enhance the audience’s understanding of the issues. The workshop covered various issues, such …

LLC Blethers

Monday, 1 April, 2019 - 16:09

LLC Blethers has once again been part of the Festival of Creative Learning and it has been a success! Looking back at the months of organising and planning that preceded the event, I can say that LLC Blethers was a team effort and that the hard work paid off.  LLC Blethers is an evening of …

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